Born of trust. Based on truth.

M. Rosenberg Consulting cultivates greatness. The firm helps executives and executive teams identify areas for transformation – by leveraging strengths and shining the light on blind spots. Marv Rosenberg is always future and strategically oriented to plan for and manage change. He helps leaders learn to make decisions with clarity and triumph over the gauntlet of obstacles.

Successful coaching is about a willingness to explore every avenue, to apply proven business processes and acumen and to develop solutions that fit with both the organization’s culture and the leader’s personality and work style, while fostering commitment and instilling confidence. High performers like you learn effective behavior and communication skills that give life to goals and values. It helps you earn loyalty and respect making you a more powerful leader.

All of our executive coaching programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the executive and their organization. Most programs run for three or six months and target both executive presence behaviors and 3-5 high impact leadership competencies.

And yes, we’ll hold you accountable throughout. But you’d expect nothing less.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to soar to new levels.

We know it’s true: Leaders are made, not born. The challenge is to help others transform leadership potential into leadership performance, and high performing contributors into even better leaders. As often happens, when high performing professionals are asked to manage people, executive coaching can teach them how to lead and motivate their teams to excel. In addition, onboarding strategies for new talent helps leaders quickly gain traction and successfully assimilate into the executive group. Similarly, good executives and high potentials can excel with coaching that helps fast track them for bigger challenges. It’s no secret, highly evolved leaders are not immune from burnout and boredom. It happens to some of the most talented people around. Coaching can re-energize and re-engage valuable leaders.

Whatever the dynamics, good executives can be taught — or retaught — to be excellent leaders. To help someone find the best in him or herself is a gift not only to the individual but also to an organization that invests in training or retaining valuable people.