We couldn't have said it better.

A few words from our valued clients. We think honest reviews from the people who were on the frontlines offer an accurate, unbiased viewpoint. Here, then, are some testimonials.

“The Executive Coaching services that Marv provided over the past months have been invaluable to me. I have become far more effective leader and project manager; I am making far better decisions more consistently and thoroughly enjoying the process. I have renewed energy for what I am doing. He gave me a new set of tools to operate by to accelerate my vision of what’s possible. Marv’s insights have been powerful and they have caused me to rethink what I want now and what action steps I need to take.”


“Marv is an excellent Executive Coach. In particular it is his focus on behaviors and actions that has made the biggest impact on me. We spent time on how an executive acts, and worked on practical applications directly related to my current role. I have had three promotions in the past several months each requiring me to demonstrate higher level executive skills. He helped me to draw on my natural strengths as a leader and leverage them to more effectively demonstrate my executive presence. Marv is also an effective model for those behaviors, revealing in both words and actions what it means to direct, lead, mentor and empower others.”

RAZORFISH – JOE MELE, Managing Director

“We hired Marv to help us with strategic and succession planning. It is rare to find someone who has the interpersonal engagement ability matched with the technical capability to suggest strategy that will target the changes and goals we are trying to achieve. As a function of conversation, Marv is able to look carefully and systematically at organizational structures and decision making process and then engage key members of the leadership team to work together to come up with strategies built around the solution focused process he designs and facilitates. One of the things I truly value about our work together is his eagerness and effectiveness to improve an organizations capacity to bring about their stated outcomes.”

UW MEDICINE – ERIC TROUPIN, Director, Div. Public Beh. Health and Justice Policy Vice Chair, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

“Marv really understands how to build teams and collaborative relationships. When you find yourself in a challenging and or difficult relationship at any level (managing up, down or across the organization), his ability to quickly make sense of organizational structure and politics, and to navigate relationships in a win-win fashion is remarkable. I learned how to find and demonstrate an executive presence that was highly valued by my organization, caught the attention of senior leaders and resulted in several promotional opportunities following the completion of my coaching. Marv stands out from others because of his unique blend of experience, credibility, sense of humor and easy and disarming style of communicating.”


“My work with Marv over the past two years has been pivotal to my ability to navigate two very significant life and career transitions with strength, grace and professionalism. Marv possesses an unique blend of critical skills in the areas of human behavior and understanding of organizational culture and structure. He asks the tough, challenging questions whose answers are pivotal to unleashing talent in a focused and effective way. His ability to absorb the subtleties associated with working within a technical field in a capacity that also requires excellent 'soft' skills, that are often overlooked, is second to none. As you work with him, you will find that his observations and questions are delivered with a level of humor and understanding that frees you to think more clearly about the situation at hand. I have no doubt my work with Marv has made me a more effective leader as I have moved forward into positions of greater leadership responsibilities.”

LMI Aerospace, Inc. – Melissa Underhill, Executive Director, Business Development

“Marv has innate wisdom and common sense which he weaves into his expertise on the working of executive systems. He has helped me manage complex dilemmas with competing interests and aided me in multiple stages of my leadership development. Marv helps me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to the large systems. He listens, understands and is able to give precisely the kind of help I need at the time I need it. I highly recommend Marv's services.”

Swedish Medical Group – Mary Weiss, MD Chief of Staff Swedish Medical Center; Medical Director Central Seattle Clinic; Family Medicine w/ Obstetrics