Common Ground. Uncommon Solutions.

People, at their core, need to feel productive, appreciated and happy. Simple enough, but often challenging to achieve. We work with leaders, teams and companies like yours to clarify expectations, define clear objectives, and collaborate on and deliver practical solutions to complex problems.

We incorporate change management principles, best practices, behavioral science and proven and practical tools into all our training programs. We have consistently helped individuals and teams achieve lasting change and arrive at a common understanding of their purpose, values and work. Easy? Not exactly. But, given time and dedication, the right training program or facilitation process can take your company where you want it to go.

Within every conflict lies the opportunity for evolution.

Within every conflict is the opportunity to find a common truth, define values and create stronger bonds. By avoiding conflict, you lose the opportunity to accomplish the very thing you intended to create in the first place: cost-effective, productive and contented leadership and work teams. Working with you and your organization, we excavate, gather and evaluate the dynamics of the situation to enable the appropriate facilitation. We ask the right questions, often the difficult ones, and then listen as though our life depends on it. Marv Rosenberg has the innate ability and sensibility to ascertain, with pinpoint accuracy, the core issues surrounding group dynamics. Sort of a sixth sense. With this knowledge, we can facilitate a dialogue, help you bridge the gap created by divergent views, and tap into the opportunities that abound when you successfully bring people and their ideas together.

Tame the gorilla. Then watch your team thrive.

As an objective observer, we are highly adept at conducting a facilitation process that inspires mutual agreement and maximum efficiency. When individuals learn to appreciate and leverage diverse thinking, communication, personalities and work styles, they reconcile disagreements and misperceptions, enhancing individual and collective contributions.

Addressing discord such as corporate taboos and “the unspeakable,” which often stand in the way of honest communication, can refocus everyone on what matters to your organization including its values. And that keeps your company’s 1,000 pound gorilla at bay. It assures you of individual ownership and accountability around both the process and the outcome, which inevitably positively impacts your ROI. Ultimately, teams grow stronger, more effective, efficient and agile. And though the work can be challenging, Marv Rosenberg helps people enjoy the process. He’s like that.

In the end, we believe creating an environment that encourages each individual to become an enthusiastic contributor to the team will leverage high levels of sustainable performance. And that benefits everyone.


We are well versed in providing vital training in a spectrum of value-added areas, all of which are designed to educate and enhance your organization. Our content-rich leadership development programs, as with all our offerings, are highly interactive and customized to accommodate your specific needs and work culture.

Offerings include: team development, strategic thinking/planning, decision-making, political savvy, effective meetings, courageous conversations, influence and negotiation and a range of communication topics. Our training modules can be customized to your specific needs and organization's culture.

Contact us today at 206-427-0673. We look forward to taking you where you want to go.